Helping DESTROY HEAD TRASH for victims of sexual, physical, mental and emotional assault

A True Survivor

  • Sexual Assault
  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Cancer
  • Not One, But TWO Car Accidents

I NEVER GAVE UP…and neither should you.

I help DESTROY HEAD TRASH for victims of sexual, physical, mental and emotional assault.

Unapologetically yours, its me Tina


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The Raw Truth from Tina

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rolling Out the Red Carpet A stranger in the drive-thru line ahead of you pays for your order. What do you do? Do you keep the kindness going by paying for the person behind you? Do you say thank you to the fast food worker and leave it at that? If someone has ever...

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Real Change is an Inside Job

It’s not too late. It’s never too late. Is there a workout you want to add to your daily routine in order to lose that weight you have been wanting to get rid of for months? Do you want to start cooking with more vegetables? Or eating out less frequently? Would...

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Imagine you are a spy trying to gain entry to an enemy castle. The castle guards are so used to their daily routine and nothing out of the ordinary happening that they aren’t really tuned into reality. As a spy, you manage to get behind the castle walls. Because of...

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Are You Cruel to Yourself?

If a little girl was anxious, scared and sad would you:
– lock her away to not hear her crying?
– call her a burden and a distraction?
– tell her to just smile?

That would be downright cruel! Yet that’s what you are: CRUEL… to yourself!

Every time you’re in pain, you stifle yourself.

Every cigarette smoked,
Every bite eaten,
Every hour is spent to escape emotion.

What if you faced the emptiness, the fear, the sadness?

Even your CRUEL BITCH is a scared little girl. Are you ready to hear her? Are you ready to face the storm?

Isn’t FREEDOM what you’re after? The freedom to choose purely from FREE will, not because you’re escaping pain?

If you’ve tried everything under the sun and you’re still struggling, let’s talk. Schedule your breakthrough call by clicking on the button below.