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A Recipe For Change


If there’s one thing I know after years of experience as a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, it’s that people really do want to change their lives for the better.

However, at the same time most people are highly resistant to getting out of their comfort zones to affect change in spite of their strong desire for it.

So, how do you bridge the gap between those two opposing ideas?

I propose a simple recipe. I know some people don’t like to cook, but most people are willing to follow a fairly simple recipe.

Now, this recipe is not going to yield you a delicious loaf of banana bread within the hour. Think of this more like a slowly developing sour dough starter. Those things take time but are composed of two ingredients, flour and water.

The Ingredients

So here we go. The recipe for change requires only four ingredients.

If you can muster up an ample dose of clarity, confidence, courage and commitment you’ve got what it takes to make the difference between an unhappy life and a brilliant one.

Now, you don’t need each ingredient in equal measure. Rarely does anyone come to the brink of change so well equipped. However if you have a lot of one and just a little of the other three, you’ll do just fine. For instance if you have a tiny bit of clarity to know that you want change and you have a significant degree of commitment to changing what hurts or is holding you back and you begin to take steps, eventually you’ll gain even more clarity. That in turn will allow you to gain a little confidence and before you know it your courage rises from the depths of seeming despair to take you even further in your quest for change. Eventually all four of these ingredients begin to grow.

What Is Courage?

The author Anais Nin wrote that, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” So what exactly is courage? We live in a world flooded with images of super-hero bravado. As a result we come to mistakenly believe that courage is the absence of fear. But, that’s not it. Real courage is the capacity to think, speak and act despite our fear and shame.

It takes courage to manifest our greatness. Without at least a little bit of courage, anxiety, fear and shame become our constant companions. And those ingredients continually fuel unhappiness.

A Perfect Combo

Once you begin working with the four wonderful ingredients in the recipe for change, you’ll soon notice something amazing. You are no longer making excuses instead you’re making decisions. You’ll likely begin to notice a new inner feeling that can only be described as powerful. You’ll also notice your outer life taking on a different color, tone, or hue. It’s as if there is a glow kind of like a golden crust on a perfectly baked loaf of bread.

Everything in this world that is truly worth doing takes practice. Changing your life for the better is not exception. And, using the four ingredients to the best of your ability is also no exception.

So you may ask yourself, “Can everyone do this?” The answer is a resounding yes, but only a few will. May you be among those who bring a little bit of each required ingredient to the experimental kitchen that is your life.

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