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Beliefs Are Very Powerful: Your Belief is What You See


My hope today is that something I am relaying to you will resonate and cause you to think in a new way. I’d love to inspire you to believe that what you believe in on the deepest subconscious level is what you always see surrounding you in your life.

A long time ago, I learned that we become what we think about and what we believe. Beliefs are very powerful. Beliefs drive our behavior.

We are programmed at a very young age to accept other’s beliefs. We adopt the beliefs of our parents, our teachers, our siblings, our community, television and our society in general. It is not easy to actually know what you believe until you make a conscious decision to find out.

Beliefs are Created Through Habitual Thinking

Please pay close and careful attention. You get what you think about constantly. Your beliefs are formed according to what you think about most. Beliefs are simply habits of thought repeated over and over again.

A belief system arises from your unwillingness to trust direct experiences created in an atmosphere of fear. For instance, if you are told at a young and tender age by your parents and teachers that you are average, despite the feeling you have that you are above average, it is almost certain that you will turn out to be average. You didn’t trust you own experience but believed someone else.

If, on the other hand, you are always told that you are unique, talented, gifted and skilled, chances are you will live a life that reflects those attributes. The sad fact is that many of us have been programmed with negative thought/belief patterns. And, unfortunately you can never out-perform your own personal self-image. That’s why it’s so important to get those negative belief systems out of our heads and get them out of our lives.

Learning from Champions

We have access to biographies of many spiritual leaders and superstar athletes, performers, business leaders and other real life heroes. When we study the lives of those who’ve achieved greatness, we can see their thinking patterns and learn that by changing our thoughts and beliefs we too can change our lives.

Let’s take a look at the most decorated Olympian in history, superstar swimmer Michael Phelps. When he began swimming at the age of 7, according to biography.com, “Phelps was still “a little scared” to put his head under water, so his instructors allowed him to float around on his back. Not surprisingly, the first stroke he mastered was the backstroke.”

No one told Michael that he would never be a great swimmer if he stayed on his back. Instead his instructors let him do what came natural to him. As a result, Phelps learned to believe in his uniqueness and his greatness.

According to the same bio, “After he saw swimmers Tom Malchow and Tom Dolan compete at the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, Phelps began to dream of becoming a champion. He launched his swimming career at the Loyola High School pool. He met his coach, Bob Bowman, when he started training at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club at the Meadowbrook Aquatic and Fitness Center. The coach immediately recognized Phelps’s talents and fierce sense of competition and began an intense training regime together.”

“As a kid,” said Phelps, “I wanted to do something that no one had ever done before, “I’ve been able to do everything I’ve ever put my mind to in this sport.”

You Were Born for Greatness

Each and every one of us was born for greatness. Whatever your idea of greatness is, you can achieve it. You have the Power within you to redirect your thinking and your life. Yes, it means that you will have to take full responsibility for your life. That requires self-mastery, self-discipline, self-direction and self-control. But, I ask, what could be more exciting and fulfilling? After all no one can change you, but you. And remember this, “It’s not what you think you are that holds you back, it’s what you think you are not.” Believe in your own greatness and your greatness is what you will see.

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