The Raw Truth from Tina

Bumps and Bruises, Put the Polish On

What’s the most recent challenge that you have faced that really was difficult to overcome? Was it something minor? Or maybe it was a challenge that would have serious consequences on you or your family if it was not resolved? How did you overcome that challenge? How...

You Decide What You Want

What decisions have you made already today? Were they for yourself? Or did they affect a group of people? Were some of them routine decisions? And others were more strategic? Were any of them major decisions? Or just minor, daily decisions? Decision type and severity...

Stretch Your Mental Muscles

Bend or Break. Are those the only two options? What do those words make you think about? How can you work to keep something from breaking? Practice? Stretching? Both? Those are true for physical activities but they also can apply to your mental well-being....

Shatter Your Limits

Practice makes perfect. When was the last time you heard someone say that? Or maybe you said it yourself? How can you apply this phrase to your own behavior and daily life? Maybe you are trying to master a skill or craft. Or it could just be a simple task you do...

A Little Can Go a Long Way

When was the last time you gave to someone or something that did not benefit you directly? What was it that you contributed? It could have been your money. Maybe you gave your time. Or you assisted someone that was less able? And to who or which group did you give to?...

Why Should I Change?

Do you know what is holding you back? Is it excuses? Is it a fear of change? Is it a lack of money or resources? Do you know what your short and long term goals are? Or are you just trying to get through today, or this week, or this month? Let me ask this again, what...

The Road to Forgiveness

Can you picture an instance when you have forgiven someone for something? It could have been a small thing, or something bigger that was more hurtful. Sometimes, it is hard to find forgiveness within yourself to give someone. Do you seek forgiveness when you were the...

Focus on the End Result

What motivates you? Or what gets you excited about your day or a task? Is there one thing you do that you are more enthusiastic about than others? Motivation and enthusiasm are what drive people. Have you found yours today? Or are you currently lacking those things in...

Laughter and Humor are Key

How many times have you laughed already today? Not at all that you can remember? Multiple smiles, but no actual audible, laughs? Or maybe you have laughed out loud more than once today? Whatever the case may be, laughter and humor are crucial throughout anyone’s day....

Still Living in Shadow?

it’s not an easy thing –
to overcome your shadow,
your darkness,
your demons;
especially once you get used to having them.
after all,
they essentially grew to become my identity.⠀⠀⠀
but I knew there was more to this life.
I wanted to embody my higher self,
to step into my true essence,
to live my human experience as best as I could,
and as magically as possible.⠀⠀⠀
so here I am,
devoted to myself.
devoted to becoming.
devoted to living.⠀⠀⠀
the shadow is now fading,
and the light is beginning to rise.
>>> know and believe that this is possible for you too! Schedule your breakthrough call right now – let’s explore what’s possible in your light.

Unapologetically Yours,
it’s me, Tina