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Suck It Up Buttercup: Find the Courage to Change Your Life

We’ve all done it at one time or another. Made excuses for not attempting to fulfill a dream, or rationalized why we couldn’t do something we were asked to do. As a […]

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Fear Or Freedom

Have you ever heard fear defined as “false expectations appearing real”? I’ve heard that and others such as the famous one from Franklin D. Roosevelt who said, “The only thing to fear […]

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critical thinking

The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Have you ever been in a meeting, whether for business, community planning or a mastermind group and had someone bore the entire gathering with a mind-dump of what they think they know […]

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head trash

Fear Ignites Head Trash, Head Trash Kills Dreams

Fear is one of the most powerful little four-letter words in the English language. As a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, I hear about other people’s fears all the time. Fear causes […]

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critical thinking

More Thoughts About Critical Thinking

In my latest blog, The Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills, I touched on the fact that critical thinking is not officially taught in school until one gets to higher education. I’m […]

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Understanding The Importance of Changing Your Mindset

We’ve all heard the saying that, “Knowledge is power.” Knowledge implies understanding. However, as a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, I want to make sure that you get that ‘understanding’ is an […]

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