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Planting The Seeds of Strength

So many people go through their lives wishing it could all be easier. Most people think they would like to have fewer challenges and obstacles. But the truth is that without challenges […]

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You Have The Ability To Change Your Life

Having a vision for your life requires knowing what’s going on inside your head and working on changing what’s going on in there if you are not getting any closer to realizing […]

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Promise No More Pity Parties

Pity parties are really a drag. They drag down the one having the party and anyone else that inadvertently gets roped into attending. You’ll notice those people exit just as quickly as […]

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Strive For Success

We all have varying definitions of success. To a great many people, success means having lots of money. However, that is a limited and stereotyped idea of success. In general, success means […]

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Check Up from the Neck Up: Evaluate Your Goals and Dreams

As a motivational speaker I’m still a little surprised to see so much resistance when I speak to people about doing a check-up on their goals, dreams and why they want to […]

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self pity

Stop Singing Songs of Self Pity

Way back in 1963 there was a hit song recorded by Lesley Gore called “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To.” I used to love this song as a […]

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