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Child Advocacy Prints

Meet Hadlie

Hadlie is an entrepreneur at the age of 3 yrs old. We Facetime everyday to discuss what colors are good for the week to paint. Once she completes the pictures, I add the words.

Every week she paints me 3 pictures. Last week upon completion of the paintings – for which she gets paid 50 cents each (as she puts it, “My time, Nana, is very important.”) – this Nana spilled coffee on the paintings. Hadlie was quick to let me know, that she had nothing to do with the coffee being spilled and payment was still expected. Funny little money maker! She wants to help children that are hurting.

You can have your own Hadlie and “Nana” creation for just $5 (or $20 for 5).

50% of the proceeds goes to the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center

50% to Hadlie to continue her entrepreneurial endeavors

About the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center:

The mission of the Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center (WKCAC) is to heal the trauma of abuse to children and adults through prevention, support and services.

Their vision is to ensure that every child and adult has access to trauma focused services in their community.

WKCAC provides child advocacy services in 32 rural western counties in Kansas using our state-of-the-art mobile units. Our Mobile Child Advocacy Center is the first mobile unit accredited in the nation.

I am thrilled to be part of the Hundred Women Campaign for the Center and I hope that you will help me help the at risk children of Kansas.

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