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Check Up from the Neck Up: Evaluate Your Goals and Dreams


As a motivational speaker I’m still a little surprised to see so much resistance when I speak to people about doing a check-up on their goals, dreams and why they want to achieve them.

That’s what I mean when I talk about a check-up from the neck up.

I’ve gotten more used to the resistance and I finally realized that most people are almost always initially resistant to changing what goes on inside their heads.

When it comes to our physical wellbeing, if we don’t feel good we go to the doctor. Even the healthiest among us will go to the doctor at some point in time. However I’m the kind of person who is more resistant to going to the doctor and if you knew my story you would have a better understanding as to why. Okay, okay, I’ll tell you.

I’ve been to so many doctors and in the hospital so many times over the years that if they had a rewards card I could have earned my own personalized pre-paid room with my choice of décor. You see I have 4 metal plates and 16 screws that actually hold my face together. Unfortunately, one of the plates will have to be removed as it is causing major pain. I really do not want to have surgery again. But, if I want to relieve the pain, I must.

As you might be able to tell, I’m not excited about this upcoming surgery. I’d rather examine what goes on inside my head any day rather than have someone messing with my body. That’s just me.

No Magic People or Pills

Many people are looking for someone or something else to fix their problems. Let me tell you though, there is no individual or magic pill that will fix how you think or what you think. Each individual is responsible for that inside job. But, changing what and how you think will do wonders for both, your inner and outer world.

A word of caution though: When you decide to first of all consider that you can change what’s going on inside your head, like any kind of change, it’s a process and it doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time. Often things appear to get more difficult before they get better.

Think Long-Term

Like any journey, the journey to mental, physical and spiritual health is like running a marathon. You need to prepare and equip yourself. I already know that the pain involved after my surgery will be intense. I also know that each day the pain will be less and less. It’s the same when you start to change the way you think. It’s difficult, but it gets easier. You have to prepare and equip yourself with the right tools. Surround yourself with wonderful books and quotes. Watch inspiring, uplifting videos. Expose yourself to others who have courageously stepped out to let you know that you can do it!

Create Your Own Vision And Stick To It

When you have dreams or goals that don’t make sense to the people who love you most, you can count on them trying to get you to give up your dream. Remember that they are simply expressing their fear. Remember also that you have been afraid too. Maybe someday your friends and family members will support you once they see some progress. They can’t see what you see in your imagination. They may think it’s impossible for you to achieve, but you can see it in your mind. Only people who can clearly imagine, those that can see the invisible can do the impossible. Cling to the idea that the greatest battle you will ever fight is your mind.

Take a moment now to imagine that you are looking back at your life a couple of years from today. What does your life look like? Believe it and you will see it!

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