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Inspirational Speaker and Sales Expert Tina Meitl Helps Harness and Unleash Potential

Author, Inspirational Speaker and Sales Superstar, Tina Meitl, provides the foundation for understanding, igniting, harnessing and ultimately unleashing one’s greatest potential.

OBERLIN, KS – October 24, 2016 – Tina Meitl, Sales Superstar, Motivational Speaker and co-author of the best-selling book, Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy has posted a new article on her website entitled, “Unleash the Three P’s to Unleash Your Greatest Potential.” Ms. Meitl plows unhesitatingly into her latest article with the statement, “Before you can ever unleash the three P’s in business and in your life, you must first become aware of what they are and learn to harness them. Until a thing has been consciously harnessed, it cannot be unleashed!”

Meitl breaks each P down for her readers, starting with the first one, Power. According to Meitl, “Power comes from within. It begins with the desire to do something, and is propelled by the belief that you can do whatever that thing is. It is the belief that you can accomplish your goal.”

Meitl engages with a brief exercise. She writes, “I ask that you think about what it is you’d like to achieve. Close your eyes for a few moments and see your goal completed in your imagination. What does it look like? How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you when this goal has finally been achieved? Who is with you?”

According to Meitl, “As you fill in all of these and other questions of your own with answers in your mind, something begins to happen. You begin to feel energy in your body, perhaps a tingling sense of excitement.”

Meitl writes, “I assure you: you do have the power to grow your business, once you’ve ignited your passion.” “However,” she continues, “there is that third pesky P, persistence. The question is this: Is your desire strong enough, is your passion intense enough for you to be able to sustain them both for the duration?”

The entire article can be read at http://www.tinammeitl.com/unleash-three-ps-unleash-greatest-potential/

About Tina Meitl

Tina M Meitl is an inspirational public speaker who shares her message of transformation with audiences internationally and throughout the United States. She also is an insurance agent who builds connections in order to help her clients make solid foundation decisions while also finding the inspiration in their difficulties to use as a catalyst in creating something superb.

Tina has received many honors such as the NAPW- 2016 Woman of the Year Award, Life Rookie of the Year, Heritage, Blue Vase Elite and many more. Amongst these honors Tina also graduated from the University of Kansas Graduate School of Business, and she now holds her agent’s license in Nebraska and Kansas. Most recently she is the co-author of the Best-Selling book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy.  In addition, Tina is a newly certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

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