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Leadership Tip: Create Red Carpet Experiences for Your Clients

red carpet experiences

In a world where rapid change, growing complexity and competition are the norm, it is up to you as a leader to be innovative and stay on the cutting edge in your area of expertise and industry.

Creating extraordinary experiences for your clients will keep you at the top of their provider list. Whether you are providing products, services or both, you can make sure every point of contact is delivered in a way that makes your clients feel like stars. I call this a “Red Carpet Experience.”

Innovation comes more easily when you are tuned into your personal power, passion and persistence. Creating Red Carpet Experiences for your clients begins with you.

You must first value yourself before anyone else will value you and your products and services. People can and will only put the value on you that you have placed on yourself.
Your determination to get your name out in front of the prospects you want as clients is a value proposition. Once you value you, and value what you have to offer, others will value your offer. You must become your own living brochure, your own personal power point presentation.

Once you have created momentum, innovative ideas are more likely to become the norm rather than the exception.

What are you waiting for? Create experiences for your clients that are special and memorable because you are special and memorable, and because your business is your passion. Position yourself as the provider of Red Carpet Experiences no matter what type of service or product you provide. After all business is about far more than simply providing a service or product.

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