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Motivational Speaker and Sales Expert Tina Meitl Tells How To Change The Future Now

Author, Transformational Motivational Speaker and Sales Superstar, Tina Meitl, inspires hope and reveals that everyone has the ability to change the future from the present moment no matter what life is or has been like until now.

OBERLIN, KS – July 24, 2016 – Tina Meitl, Sales Superstar, Motivational Speaker and co-author of the best-selling book, Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy has posted a new blog on her website entitled, Right Now, From Wherever You Are, You Can Change Your Future.” Ms. Meitl is confident in her stance that, “Every person on the planet has the power to affect the future within his or her grasp.”

Meitl writes, “Despite where you were born or what your life has been like up to this point, you can change your future from wherever you find yourself right now.”

According to Meitl, “The life of your dreams is in your head, your heart and will be surrounding you if you realize that dreams are simply goals without deadlines. All you have to do is turn your dream into a goal and keep making the choices that support that goal at every turn.”

She continues adding, “We are all made of the same stuff. Sometimes the most difficult part is deciding the “what.” What is your goal? Can you see it accomplished clearly in your mind’s eye? Would you recognize it if it appeared in front of you right now?”

“Once you’ve decided the what,” says Meitl, “then what?” She encourages, “Take it one step at a time. Determine the first step. It doesn’t have to be a big step. Baby steps are perfect.” She adds, “And be careful that your first step is really a first step and not the fifth, sixth or seventh step.”

The entire blog can be read at http://www.tinammeitl.com/right-now-from-wherever-you-are-you-can-change-your-future/

About Tina Meitl

Tina M Meitl is a motivational public speaker who shares her message of transformation with audiences internationally and throughout the United States. She also is an insurance agent who builds connections in order to help her clients make solid foundation decisions while also finding the inspiration in their difficulties to use as a catalyst in creating something superb.

Tina has received many honors such as the NAPW- 2016 Woman of the Year Award, Life Rookie of the Year, Heritage, Blue Vase Elite and many more. Amongst these honors Tina also graduated from the University of Kansas Graduate School of Business, and she now holds her agent’s license in Nebraska and Kansas. Most recently she is the co-author of the book Success Manifesto with Brian Tracy, and is in the final stages of being certified with the John Maxwell Team.

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