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It Pays to Keep Your Sales Force Motivated


A highly motivated sales force is a company’s greatest asset.

In order to keep every individual on your sales team motivated, try incorporating some or all of these five tactics and watch the enthusiasm grow exponentially.

Turn high performers into leaders.  

Offer your highest performing salespeople the opportunity to provide leadership to others on the team.  When respect and recognition that is typically reserved for one salesperson becomes a benefit for everyone on the team, motivation skyrockets.

Inspire, Cultivate and Stimulate.

Inspire confidence and competence by giving your team command of their subject matter. Barking commands to “get out there and perform”, does little to nurture confidence. Cultivate knowledge by providing education and training on the latest sales techniques in addition to the key aspects of your product or service. Stimulate your team member’s curiosity and desire to grow their skills and knowledge.

Stay on the cutting edge.

Give your sales force state-of-the-art toys, tools and gadgets to help them be (and, significantly, appear to be) ahead of the curve. The more you set your sales team members apart, the more excited they will be about respecting themselves and, in turn, engendering respect from their customers. Encourage their use of social media for professional purposes such as writing opinion pieces, sharing trends and encouraging discourse and accessibility among customers.

We’ve all seen what happens when businesses live by the  “all work, no play” philosophy. That kind of environment creates tedium and boredom. It’s important to make your sales team look forward to work. Work can feel like play when a free exchange of ideas is allowed and when there is designated space and time for creativity and breaks. Salespeople typically love to work hard and they love to play. So keep your team motivated and blur the lines between the two!


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