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Successful People Form Habits and So Do Those Who Fail


The fact of the matter is that successful people form habits that lead to success while those who continuously fail form habits that lead to failure.

Those who fail just don’t see or recognize the patterns of their habitually repeated actions or in many cases, non-actions. This is the common denominator in all aspects of life professionally and personally.

The patterns that lead to success and/or failure can be seen early in life. We can start with students. What is the one thing that the majority of failing students don’t like to do?  Study! Students who pass with flying colors and go on to honors like to study, they like to learn and they ask a lot of questions. This is something you can see later in life too.

When you get to the business world you’ll discover that highly successful Sales Experts tend to be the ones asking the most questions.

They have developed the habit of learning. They have also developed processes that lead to greater confidence and belief in themselves and their abilities. These kinds of processes develop and lead to more self-discipline, integrity, and persistence.

In sales you must have a systematic process. It’s all about putting the identification and achievement of the client’s objectives before placement of products and services.  And that requires a deliberate and well thought out examination of opportunities and challenges. Being able to explain the process one has for helping the client achieve their goals, demonstrates diligence and professionalism. In order to accomplish this means developing consistent habits with a clear sense of direction, decisiveness and action. This is key to winning trust and business.

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