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Understanding The Importance of Changing Your Mindset


We’ve all heard the saying that, “Knowledge is power.”

Knowledge implies understanding. However, as a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, I want to make sure that you get that ‘understanding’ is an inside job. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, a well-established businessperson or are just getting started, if you want to succeed, you must understand that it is more important to work on developing your potential rather than working on your performance. To get to that life-changing perspective requires inner work.

If you are not aware that inner change is necessary and possible, you may never make the efforts required to reach toward and achieve understanding.

The change I am talking about is changing your mind. You must understand that your inner potential is far more important than your “performance.”

Take a Risk

Typically, we tend to be a little afraid of the unknown, so we stay put in our unhappy, limiting circumstances. That means that awareness, understanding and change also require a bit of risk on our part.

Each of us can only play the hand we are dealt based on whatever level of awareness and belief we have. If you are like me, based on my life circumstances, conditioning and subsequent beliefs, it never occurred to me that I could change. It took years of confusion and suffering before I finally understood that I, like every individual, am equipped with the necessary resources to move beyond the beliefs that imprisoned me to my conditioned circumstances.

Replace Hope with Belief

Among one of the more liberating things I also finally came to understand is that change has nothing to do with hope and everything to do with belief. We can hope that things will change for an entire lifetime. But if we don’t engage in a process of change that leads to an inner shift in our belief system, change will never happen.

There is one thing you must master above all others: How you see yourself and the value YOU bring to the world. Plato made this clear when he took Socrates’ famous axiom of “know thyself” further and said “for a man to conquer himself is the first and noblest of all victories.” I couldn’t agree more! To conquer one’s mind and bring the gift of your self to the world is extraordinary. It takes ‘real eyes’ to realize the real lies that we all buy into. When I say ‘real eyes’, I mean the inner eye of understanding.

There Is No Going Back

Once you understand something, there’s no going back! You can then act on that understanding. You can step out and see the world differently. You’ll get feedback, learn more and continue to make whatever adjustments are required

Every single moment of every single day you and I, and every human being, have been gifted with that ability to change. All it takes is a bit of awareness, belief and understanding. For so many years I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t aware of my potential and I didn’t understand the steps to do it.

Now I know without a doubt that when you change your mindset and beliefs and know what you want to achieve nothing will get in the way. That is what happens when you work on potential instead of merely performance.

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