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Unleash the Three P’s to Unleash Your Greatest Potential

unleash your potential

Before you can ever unleash the three P’s in business and in your life, you must first become aware of what they are and learn to harness them. Until a thing has been consciously harnessed, it cannot be unleashed!

First P: Power

Power comes from within. It begins with the desire to do something, and is propelled by the belief that you can do whatever that thing is. It is the belief that you can accomplish your goal.

You have the Power to live your dreams. You have the Power to grow your business. And to do that, you have to develop and achieve a level of mastery.

So, right now I ask that you think about what it is you’d like to achieve. Close your eyes for a few moments and see your goal completed in your imagination. What does it look like? How do you feel? What are you wearing? Where are you when this goal has finally been achieved? Who is with you? As you fill in all of these and other questions of your own with answers in your mind, something begins to happen. You begin to feel energy in your body, perhaps a tingling sense of excitement. The Power to imagine the end result is something everyone has the ability to do.

Whatever your goal is, you have the power in your mind to imagine anything that must be done to achieve it. Can you see yourself overcoming the odds? Can you see your company dominating the field? If you can truly see the end result in your mind’s eye, you have the power to bring it to fulfillment.

Second P: Passion

Passion is the food and fuel of mastery. Passion is the offshoot of intense desire. Sometimes they emerge together, but often passion comes a little after desire is sparked.

Desire without passion can fizzle as quickly as a match. And, quite frankly, I think it’s impossible to have passion at all without desire. The two are kind of joined at the hip, so to speak. The things we master in our lives, be it personally or in business, are the things we are passionate about. Passion is what motivates masters to soar to the greatest heights of success.

Passion will ignite the mindset to amaze your clients instead of just pleasing them. When your clients are amazed they will sing your praises, which will spread the word about your reputation. This in turn will reliably attract more clients who long to be amazed with the quality of service you provide rather than being merely pleased with someone who has not harnessed their power and passion. Together, power and passion equates to a factor that can only be called “POW-WOW”!

Third P: Persistence

So you’re beginning to see how to harness your power and your passion. I assure you: you do have the power to grow your business, once you’ve ignited your passion. However, there is that third pesky P, persistence. The question is this: Is your desire strong enough, is your passion intense enough for you to be able to sustain them both for the duration? Persistence is integral to the achievement of your goals. If you stop before you get to where you say you want to go, you’ll never get there. That’s what persistence is all about. Taking you to the finish line and beyond. It’s all about sticking with it no matter what.

When you conscientiously apply Power, Passion and Persistence in your business and/or personal life, you are choosing to be extraordinary.

Take the calculated risk to dream and build, to weather the ups and downs and to ultimately succeed. You can do it! You’ve got everything you need inside you. You’ll become exceptional in the minds of your clients, customers, family and friends. You’ll discover how extraordinary your own mind is.

So, go ahead. I challenge you. Unleash your potential!

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