Are You Ready To Listen?

Are You Ready To Listen?

What is it?

What is that one thing that is constantly whispering to you?

What is that one thing that you see every time you close your eyes?

What is that one thing that you keep trying to distract yourself from?

What is that one thing that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get off your mind when the lights go out and there is no one else in the room?

What is that one thing that you keep trying to tell yourself is untrue?

That it would be impossible?

That these things were just not meant for you?

What is it?

Maybe it does seem impossible.

Maybe it even seems illogical.

Maybe it goes against everything that you think you believe in.

You can probably come up with a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t.

And even if you did come up with a few reasons why you should, there’s always the dreaded thought of what if it didn’t work out?

Well what if it did work out?

What if everything worked out even better than you imagined?

What if this was the very thing that you were meant to do and everything else was just a lie to convince yourself that you couldn’t?

What if this was your soul whispering to you from parts unknown, sending you in a direction beyond your wildest dreams.

Because that is exactly what it is…your soul.

Will you listen?


Maria Pallas

Divine Feminine Soul Healer + Wildheart Whisperer + Light Warrior Activator

Those are strong words from a very wise woman.

It’s time for you to listen to the voice deep down in your soul.

The first step is for you to believe.

Believe in yourself.

Believe you can succeed.

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Just Me, Tina


Photo by Sai Kiran Anagani on Unsplash


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