Bumps and Bruises, Put the Polish On

Bumps and Bruises, Put the Polish On

What’s the most recent challenge that you have faced that really was difficult to overcome?

Was it something minor?

Or maybe it was a challenge that would have serious consequences on you or your family if it was not resolved?

How did you overcome that challenge?

How difficult was it to resolve?

What did you learn from solving that problem or overcoming that challenge?

Challenges can be difficult, but they should also be used as learning experiences.

So many people wish life was easier, with less challenges and obstacles.

But, without challenges, life becomes stagnant and we stop growing.

Challenges help us uncover who we are and it allows us to become better people.

Let’s examine a very simple 4-step method to overcoming challenges.

First, state the problem clearly.

When we are faced with challenges, we tend to avoid the issue and run the other way, burying our heads in the sand, hoping it goes away.

Or we may say–ok, there is an obstacle, instead of heading right to it and plowing through, I am going to look for another path.

Even though that is not the way I want to go–it looks easier, less headache, but rarely does that work out

When we avoid or go out of our way, we cause more headache in the end.

It takes more of our time, it takes more of our energy, and we don’t get the end result we are looking for.

So take this time to understand what the challenge is.

As, yourself what is the question, what is asked of me, what is the main goal?

Write this down on paper.

Second, identify what you have at your disposal–what resources are available to you to work through this challenge?

List all of these resources out.

These should include things such as tangible assets–money, computer, books, etc.

And then what skills you have, what are your strengths to work through this?

Don’t forget others.

What access do you have to others that can help?

Third, design the strategy to overcome this challenge.

Utilize all your assets to create a plan of action.

You may find this plan will need to be tweaked as you execute and that is okay.

Keep at it.

Lastly, execute the strategy with effort and determination.

Do your very best with all you have to overcome your challenge.

If you find that you still cannot overcome a challenge, then re-evaluate.

If your strategy just won’t work because it isn’t viable or effective, then change it.

If your strategy doesn’t work because you didn’t execute it well enough, be persistent and tweak your efforts, giving it more.

Practice this method on small challenges and see how easy it is to overcome.

Then, try it on the big rocks!

Challenges can be difficult but they can also be very useful learning experiences.

Think about the last challenge you overcame.

What was your strategy in that particular situation?

If a similar challenge arises in the future, will you use the same strategy or make changes to your previous plan?

If your initial approach does not prevail, make some tweaks and try again.

We will continue to encounter different problems and challenges throughout our lives.

Prepare as much as you can and tackle them!

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Unapologetically Yours,

It’s Me, Tina


Photo by Tyson Dudley on Unsplash

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