Don’t Let Head Trash Control You

Don’t Let Head Trash Control You

Think about a fear you have.

Maybe it is a fear of heights.

Or, you are deathly afraid of spiders.

We all have to face our fears at times.

For some that might mean on a daily basis.

For others they might only have to face certain fears every now and then.

Whatever your fear may be, you cannot let it take over.

You must always continue pushing forward with your goals and your life, regardless of the scary things that you may encounter along the way.

Fear is one of the most powerful little four-letter words in the English language.

As a speaker, coach, mentor and trainer, I hear about other people’s fears all the time.

Fear causes catastrophic inner turmoil and is typically the cause of all turmoil that goes on in our individual worlds as well as the world at large.

Fear kills and derails careers and dreams before they ever get started.

And it’s real sneaky.

It can come upon you without you even realizing what’s happened.

Don’t Let Head Trash Control You

Some fear is considered to be rational.

At other times, fear is considered to be irrational. That’s what a phobia is, an irrational fear.

For instance, a fear of clowns or bright colors is considered irrational.

However, I don’t necessarily distinguish between rational and irrational.

All fear begins with a thought.

That thought sparks another and then you’re off and running on pure head trash.

And, the most important thing to remember is that if you don’t control your head trash, your head trash will control you.

Living In Fear Is Living In Hell

Head trash is comprised of the negative thoughts that create resistance within.

It’s a living hell and prevents us from doing what we want or need to do.

Very often head trash is the result of our belief systems.

These beliefs are often the result of our earliest conditioning.

But, there are also times when we have real experiences whether as teens, young adults or older that fill us with fear.

Say, you fall off of a horse or a motorcycle and injure yourself. You may have fear and resistance about getting back up on either the horse or the motorcycle.

That might be one of your greatest joys in life, but fear could prevent you from ever enjoying a beloved activity if you don’t take charge and override the head trash.

I recently had a minor motorcycle accident that sent me to the hospital for a brief stay.

I love riding my motorcycle and have been riding for years.

However, I admit I had overwhelming resistance to getting back on my bike.

It was so bad that I thought I was going to have to give up ever riding again. I had to do some fierce work to get rid of my head trash.

Finally, I found my way back to the truth and the loving thoughts that blasted the garbage thoughts out of my head space.

Thank goodness I can continue to engage in an activity I thoroughly enjoy.

Are Your Fears Rational Or Irrational?

My fear seems rational in the scheme of things. But the truth is that all fear, when looked at and examined, is a lie.

So, I consider all fear irrational whether it’s fear of a clown or fear of getting back on the horse you’ve fallen from.

What happens when life throws something at you that ignites fear?

Do you listen to the trash?

Or, do you have a practice in place that helps you negate the fear?

I love learning what others do to override their fearful thoughts and get back on track. If you feel like sharing this message with a friend, please do.

Positivity can spread like wildfire if we let it.

Do not let your fears, no matter how rational or irrational they may be, hold you back from reaching your potential.

The power is in your mind and in your hands.

Make today the day you start to clear that head trash by scheduling your free call:

Unapologetically Yours,

It’s Me, Tina

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