Fearing to Fearless

Fearing to Fearless

If you listen to the news for at least 5 seconds, you’ll hear the worst.

People doing awful things to other people.

The world can be a scary place.

Fear plays a big role in our lives everyday.

Fear can save us from harm, but it can also hold us back from our dreams.

Fear keeps our children out of the dirt and in the A/C. Fear keeps us in our comfort zone, and even worse fear keeps us complacent. The trouble is, complacency kills your dreams.

Recently, I’ve thought about the paths in my life that fear led me down. More importantly I’ve thought about how my children were FEARLESS when they were growing up.

I live on a ranch in beautiful Kansas where I raised my 3 children Josh, Ramsey, and Kira. My kids got behind the wheel of the tractor at 7, and my daughter Kira followed her older brother’s footsteps and got her first 50cc motocross bike at 5.

That girl had no fear! She’d ride around with her older brother on the practice track down on our creek.

I’d take a picnic basket out for them and we’d eat lunch under the trees, and go for a walk along the water to look for arrowheads, and bobcat tracks.

My daughter learned that she was different when she went on a 2 week internship to Washington DC her senior year. Kira was the only one from a rural area. She was astounded that her peers didn’t know how to cut wheat and where their meat comes from. She figured everyone knew how to raise their own beef.

When my children turned 4 they were taught how to train and show cattle. They began with bucket calves weighing over 300 lbs. that they selected from our own herd. These cows were more than just cattle – they were pets.

They learned how to break them to lead with a show halter, they fed them, cared for them, bathed and shampooed them. By the age of 7 they would pick out their show steers which weighed 900-1000 lbs. For 4-5 months they’d spend hours building trust with their animals.

In 4-5 months their steers could grow to be 1400 lbs of pure muscle, and just like you’d walk your dog, the kids would lead their steer walking right beside them– stopping on command with a tap of their halter.

They had to be in total sync with their steer, and even though it was an animal, the kids used skills of influence, patience and persistence that paid off.

Raising steers taught them how to build trust through the care they gave the steers and a dedication to responsibility and success of championship market beef and showmanship.

Through DEDICATION these crazy kids learned respect for the animals, but more importantly, they learned respect for their surroundings.

When an animal grows up in an environment where it’s stressed, the meat will reflect these social factors, and will negatively impact the quality of the meat.

The animal didn’t reach the prime of its health due to social factors, and therefore didn’t live up to it’s determined potential.

When it comes to your work, and your push toward professional success you’re not that different from the steers.

If a person is put under a lot of stress then they develop illnesses, and develop a bad attitude. Your physical being is tied to our brain. Your mind and body work together. Through negative thoughts and through toxic people. We control what we let into our lives.

As a result we’re unable to complete the puzzle of our full potential because we’re missing a piece. We’re missing a piece and we put fear in its place.

We know that fear doesn’t quite fit, so we go into a frenzy trying to fill the empty space because we don’t know what belongs there.

Harness your potential by dedicating yourself to fearlessness. You’ll discover your potential as you’re passing it by completely and confidently.

Stop living in fear – schedule your free breakthrough call right now. Find that missing piece and move to fearless!

Unapologetically yours,
Its me, Tina

(Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash)

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