Fear is the only thing that the news media cares about. It sure seems to fuel their profit margins.

Tired of turning on the news and hearing the absolute worst about people?

That isn’t even the worst part. If you do sit and listen for a few minutes, you’ll start to drink that Kool-Aid, repeating the stories to your loved ones, and spreading that fear far and wide.

Pretty soon, you are thinking that your safe little neighborhood is a hotbed for drug and gang activity. You’re calling all your family members each night to make sure they weren’t involved in any fatalities.

And what if you do have real danger in your day to day life? Hearing about the rest of the world boosts your fear quotient to levels that make it hard to function.

Over time, living in fear causes physical problems too. Your hormones are on a roller coaster, mostly on high, and that affects every system in your body. Emotional hangovers stick around and share that hurt for several days. Plus, the more that you live with a high level of fear, the more painful coming down is.

You might turn to an addiction to help deal with the emotional strain of being afraid all the time.

We know something is missing, so we go into jittery frenzy-mode to try to fix it.

What you really need to do is harness the fear and make it work for you.

A lot of fear keeps us in our comfort zone, but pushing past helps us grow and change. A little fear keeps us sharp, and pushes us to perform at our absolute best. We are able to reach lifelong goals and dreams.

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Unapologetically yours,
Its Me, Tina

Photo by Scott Stephens on Unsplash

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