Laughter and Humor are Key

Laughter and Humor are Key

How many times have you laughed already today?

Not at all that you can remember?

Multiple smiles, but no actual audible, laughs?

Or maybe you have laughed out loud more than once today?

Whatever the case may be, laughter and humor are crucial throughout anyone’s day.

Not just throughout the day, but throughout your life.

If you have not laughed yet today, make it a priority right now.

It will be worth it.

How important is humor?

Don’t ask a humor researcher because they are already fighting an uphill battle to get the respect they deserve.

Laughter is one of the first things a newborn exhibits.
Try going an entire day without even a small laugh and see if you can–I bet you can’t.

People don’t avoid pleasure which is why many of our decisions are made based on the level of pleasure we will benefit.

Laughter is the best medicine.

We have all heard that saying and we know that when things are looking down, we want someone positive in our lives to lift us up out of our rut.

Laughing not only improves our mental state, it has been proven to benefit our circulation, lungs and muscles.

Going through life with a cup half empty or half full, most of us point to the half full cup because if we aren’t already there, that is a goal to get there.

Positiveness, happiness, laughter, fun…we want our lives to be rich full and worth living.

We want to be remembered in a positive light and most of all we want to be loved.

We all know it is much easier to love a funny, happy person than it is to love a sad, miserable person.

Happiness, laughter, and humor–they just make a relationship easier don’t they?

Inject some humor into your life today.

Don’t take things so seriously.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Have you laughed yet today?

How many times?

If that number is zero, then you are in need of a laugh!!

Or two!

Or however many that come your way.



Enjoy life!

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Unapologetically yours,

It’s Me, Tina


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