Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

Rolling Out the Red Carpet

A stranger in the drive-thru line ahead of you pays for your order.

What do you do?

Do you keep the kindness going by paying for the person behind you?

Do you say thank you to the fast food worker and leave it at that?

If someone has ever done something like this for you, I bet it just brightened your day.

Because I know that that is my reaction.

Slight shock.


And a smile that I cannot control.

Even if for only a few minutes.

Acts of kindness, no matter how big or small they may be, can make a HUGE difference on someone else’s day, mindset, etc.

The next time you have the chance, go one extra step when showing kindness.

The red-carpet experience is a significant difference maker when it comes to attaining and maintaining the relationships of the people, and the clients you develop.

I want to take the time to emphasize how important it is to create red carpet experiences for the people in your life, whether that’s in your personal, or professional life.

I’m a straightforward kind of woman.

I don’t need a lot of frills because I live a life that is full of thrills.

Granted, I checked another item off of my bucket- list a couple months ago when I bought a brand new Jeep.

In order to save myself some time, I took my Jeep into the mechanic for an oil change.

As I was driving that day, I noticed a weird smell linger before my Jeep went crazy. All the bells and whistles on my dash lit up like I’d won a jackpot.

I had just pulled into my driveway when my Jeep shut off completely.

In a panic, I opened my hood and saw there was oil everywhere.

The inside of the hood, the engine everything was covered with oil.

Nearly 6 liters of oil trailed out from the bottom of my vehicle until my engine was bone-dry because they didn’t put the gasket back on after changing the oil.

So, I followed the tow-truck 60 miles to the dealership.

When the Jeep mechanics began inspecting the issue, I wanted to get a recording for my insurance.

I was there for 7 hours and they didn’t offer me a cup of water, or anything.

I had to fight insurance company, and the oil change place, and, on top of it all, I received the worst customer-service of my life at the dealership.

They forgot to show the red-carpet experience for the one that deserves it the most because of complacency.

The little gestures are what makes the best impact.

In the drive-thru scenario, what did or would you do?

Keeping that chain of kindness spreading and paying for the next person can easily have a positive impact on numerous people just by passing it along.

That little gesture could be just the small act of kindness that the person behind you needed in that very moment.

Furthermore, going above and beyond the basic levels of kindness can have an even greater effect.

As Brad Meltzer once said, “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

Is your emotional baggage holding you back from a kind impact on the world? Let’s talk. Book your free call here:

Unapologetically Yours,
It’s Me, Tina

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