Smiling in the Face of Frustration

Smiling in the Face of Frustration

“Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning to do afterward.” -Kurt Vonnegut

What is your usual reaction to frustration and/or exhaustion?

I hope that you prefer laughter, whenever possible also.

Sometimes tears are unexpected, but they may make you feel better once you shed them.

Have you ever been so frustrated or exhausted, or both, that you just started crying?

I know that I have!

What about after that physical reaction of tears or laughter?

Then what do you do with that frustration?

Let your trauma, your frustration, the years of feeling stuck and lost be merely fuel for your success.

Let them become the capturing and adventurous foreword to the REAL story.

The story of your joyful, fulfilled life.

The time when you look back at your current frustration and can only smile.

All the teachings you hear, all the talk about how you create your experience, how the circumstances are created by you: ALL true.

The fact that it just doesn’t seem to be working for you means NOT that there’s anything wrong with you.

On the contrary.

The more power we possess, the deeper we can get in the illusionary state of powerlessness.

I am here to help you channel your power in constructive and dream fulfilling ways in order to END self-destruction.

I was a major self-defeater for most of my life.

I was where you are now and I made it out and now, I am soaring.

And I want you next to me so we can enjoy the view of the universe together!!

I want to help you use those past experiences as fuel in the future.

The next time you are frustrated and/or exhausted, it’s okay to let some tears shed or to laugh like a lunatic, if it helps in that moment!

But let’s utilize that frustration and those times when you’re really being hard on yourself.

Let’s extract that energy and put it to use!

If you are ready to live that joyful, fulfilled life you have been wanting for so long, schedule your free call with me today:

Let’s Get REAL,

Just Me, Tina


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