Unlock Your Freedom

Unlock Your Freedom

If a little girl was anxious, scared and sad would you:

– ignore her?

– lock her away to not hear her crying?

– call her a burden and a distraction?

– tell her to just smile?

– trivialize her feelings?

– tell her it’s her fault?

– call her stupid?

– distract her with food or tv?

That would be downright cruel!

Yet that’s what you are: CRUEL… to yourself!

Every time you’re in pain you stifle yourself.

Every cigarette smoked,

Every bite eaten,

Every attention gained,

Every hour is spent to escape emotion.

What’s the point in a fugitive’s life?

What if you stopped running and faced the storm head on?

What if you faced the emptiness, the fear, the sadness?

They say there is PEACE in the middle of a TORNADO.

Then every tornado turns into a little child.

That’s right!

The emotional tornados that wreak havoc in your life are little children who never grow up, who must be heard, seen and comforted or else… they take over!

Even your CRUEL BITCH is a scared little girl.

Are you ready to hear her?

Are you ready to face the storm?

Isn’t FREEDOM what you’re after?

The freedom to choose purely from FREE will, not because you’re escaping pain?

The union of shadow and light is the CHILD DIVINE.

Children already embody their divinity.

I will teach you the art of parenting yourself to UNLOCK your divine gifts, your FREEDOM, CONFIDENCE and RICHES.

I will feel into you and mirror your soul and we will face the storm TOGETHER.

Are you that brave soul ready and willing to dive into their shadow for the next 3 months to change your fucking lives!

If you’ve tried everything under the sun and you’re still struggling, this is for YOU! Schedule your free call with me today:  https://www.tinammeitl.com/apply/

Let’s Get REAL,

Just Me, Tina


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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