You Decide What You Want

You Decide What You Want

What decisions have you made already today?

Were they for yourself?

Or did they affect a group of people?

Were some of them routine decisions?

And others were more strategic?

Were any of them major decisions?

Or just minor, daily decisions?

Decision type and severity can vary greatly from person to person.

Based on their job, their home life, and many other factors.

Do you ever have a problem with making decisions?

We all have to make decisions, and we have to be confident in the decisions that we choose to make in order to keep things moving and to make the next decision.

Decisions are a mental activity every one of us engages in on a daily basis.

From deciding when to wake up, to what to eat, to how to spend our day, to where to spend our money, and whom to spend our time with–decisions are part of our daily life.

That doesn’t mean we are good at making decisions.

Many of us make very bad decisions every day and only a few of us make good decisions consistently.

Why is there such disparity in this?

What keeps us from making sound decisions?

Did you know that you could virtually eliminate conflict and confusion by becoming proficient at making decisions?

Once you make a decision, you will find all the people, resources and ideas you need, every time.

Indecisiveness is a decision to not make a decision.

This is typically fueled by the fear of failure.

Low self esteem and succumbing to circumstances is why so many people make poor decisions.

If you have an idea, desire, a wish, a worthy ideal; make the decision to achieve whatever it is that you want.

Once you make the decision, the people, resources, and ideas will be attracted to you because your belief in achievement will supersede your fears and circumstances.

Your belief will be the catalyst that changes your behaviors, your actions, and ultimately, your results.

Keep your focus on your visions, your worthy ideal.

Refuse to worry about how it will happen.

Know that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Be confident in your decisions.

No matter how big or small they may seem.

Consider the facts, outcomes, and whatever else you need to make the appropriate decision.

Make the decision.

And keep it moving.

Because there will be more choices for you to make throughout the day, and your life.

Some will be minor.

Others will seem major.

But the power is in your hands.

And make the decision today to DECIDE WHERE YOU ARE WITH WHATEVER YOU’VE GOT.

Make the decision to schedule your free call today and let’s see how else we can use your confidence to improve your daily life:

Unapologetically Yours,

It’s Me, Tina


Photo by Andrew Furlan on Unsplash


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